Thursday, 20 February 2014

What Makes a Good Marina?

If you own a boat or plan to buy one sooner or later, you need to check if certain criteria are satisfied. First and foremost, you need a marina in your city to moor the boat you buying because, well, you don’t drive boats on the road and can’t park them outside your homes. But looking for the mere presence of a marina won’t suffice as you need to have a ‘good’ marina. ‘Good’ here doesn’t mean in terms of cleanliness but by the nature of rules and regulations that the site follows. The most important of them is the hidden costs you need to look into. Here are some key point that may help you in determining a suitable marina.

Mooring fees
This is obviously important, especially when you have to moor your boat for years. There are a lot of hidden costs and claims may be made on the ‘extra usage’ of mooring space for instance and charge you exorbitantly. Therefore, make sure you are aware of the hidden costs.

Mooring space 
Whether it is a narrow boat or yacht, you need space in all any place to keep them. And to access them, you need a clear passage so that you can even take it out without any hassles. Check for the space and try looking for boat specific marinas. For instance, if you own a canal boat, you may try some Canalboat Marina UK where you may find suitable space to moor your boat.

You may not plan on living on the boat for the rest of your life. In that case, when you return to your home, you should be free from the worries of your boat. Good arrangement of security would help in giving you a peaceful sleep.

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