Friday, 1 September 2017

Know a Bit More About Marina

Well, the marina itself needs no introduction. This is pretty common for people and they have probably seen it in their lifetime. But, there are people who most of the time confuses it with the port. And, there is a basic difference between this two.

While the both may be functionally alike, but in the case of a port, the ships are much larger, which is not the case for a marina. When it is about the marina, it is usually capable of small sized boats or yachts. In short, the marina can be a part of a port.

So, if you are fascinated enough after reading this and want to see it, all you need to do is research a bit about marinas or you can make a visit to coastal harbors or lagoons and you can rightfully see it there with so many small ships and boats packed, giving you a beautiful look.

So, the marina can be a solution to your entire problem. How? Well, in a marina you get the chance of doing any form of repair works that your boat may need. Or even if it is about refueling, the marina is the right place. Also, you can wash your ships or boats very well there.

Now, this is not just what you might be thinking about a marina and it is far beyond than that. In a marina, you can just pay your fee and use the space for rent. Also, you can use it as a picnic spot and many other facilities if you have opted for a rental agreement for a long term.

Monday, 26 June 2017

How Sailors Select Boat Marina for Mooring – A Guide to Marina Owners

Having a marina is a costly affair and both marina owners and managers have a tough job on hand – to make the marina a success. Even after you invest quite generously into the marina, there is no guarantee that your business will flourish, until and unless you are taking into consideration what other sailors think about while selecting a boat mooring point. So, what do boat owners consider while selecting any boat marina?

  • Cost of boat mooring – The primary concern of any boat owner is how much he/she will have to pay for mooring the point in any available boat marina. However, it is not always about the total money. If you are offering special membership against additional prime membership plan, make sure they are attractive enough to get their attention.
  • Location of the boat marina – This need not even be told. A good location means it will be easy to moor the boat and easy to access the marina. This always ensures higher traffic.
  • Condition of the marina – This is important to boat owners. The marina needs to be clean and there should not be any damage to it. Also there needs to be enough security measures present to ensure that the boats in the marina will remain safe. You need to ensure that these are in order.
  • Special amenities – Once the boat is moored, the owner will wish to get some refreshment and to freshen up. Having restaurants, toilet, and other such important amenities in the marina makes it a popular spot.

Keep these points in mind and your marina should be a major hit.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Important Information About Boat Mooring

There are several areas where boats are kept right in the water on moorings when they are not used. 

What is a mooring?

It is a heavy anchor that is often made of a large concrete or stone block. The mooring ball is connected to the heavy mooring line for the purpose of keeping the boat afloat in the surface of water. 

What is a pennant?

Haven’t heard about pennant? It is basically the length of line that runs from the ball to the boat. There are times when a considerably smaller pickup buoy is made to float at the pennant on the outer end so that it gets easier for someone standing on the boat to get the pennant as soon as the boat returns to its mooring spot. 

How to use a mooring?

It is easier to use yacht moorings when there is a little breeze out there with tidal waves. It also tends to get pretty much difficult for a single person to stop and hold the boat forcefully until the pennant is grabbed from the water by securing the bow. 

As you approach the mooring against the current, make sure to take a note of how others are laying their boats on the water surface. Slow down your approach by making optimum usage of the current. The boat hook must be kept ready before reaching the mooring. Try to pay the narrowboat mooring fees beforehand so that the whole process of mooring the boat could be worked upon smoothly.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Narrowboat Mooring Experience and Fees

It definitely feels pleasurable to enjoy a fascinating holiday while exploring the countryside on a narrowboat. If you have plans to visit to a place where it is possible to navigate your way through the inland waterways then you should always try out the boating experience. 

In general, there are two categories of boats available for the holiday seekers. One is the steering boat while the other one is a narrow boat. The steering boats are traditionally designed with cabins while the narrowboats are shorter and narrower in dimension and are designed so that they can easily pass through the canals. 

The narrowboat mooring fees vary from one place to other. A vacation is aimed at helping to unwind yourself and a narrowboat mooring experience is definitely going to help you fulfill all your desires related to enjoying a fascinating trip ahead. Take some time out to relax and rejuvenate yourself during the upcoming mooring trip. Plan it wisely to enjoy maximum benefits. 

Holidaying on a narrowboat is definitely a great choice but the cost is something that bothers many people. It is a little more than expected. This is definitely going to be a big investment.

The fees of Liverpool Marina for 12 months of serviced contract would be £365.00 and for six months the charges will be $220.00. The same for unserviced contract is £300.00 and for six months the price that will be charged is £170.00. The Mariners Wharf Contract is priced at £260.00 for 12 months and £152.00 for six months.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Locating The Right Canal Boat Moorings Facility Without The Help Of A Skipper

Things get really easy when people have a skipper with them as they are professionals and are aware of all the best mooring posts that are available on the different routes. But people who are sailing on their own will face difficulties during their trip if they do not have anything planned beforehand. If you are thinking that just knowing about the location of the nearby marinas is enough for you then you are highly mistaken.

Renting The Berth

The size and shape of every boat differ from the other so even if there is berthing space available at the marina that you are visiting, there is no guarantee that it will be able to accommodate your boat. This is why it is always advised to rent the canal boat moorings services in advance. Even if you are planning on staying for a night advance booking is the smart thing to do. Such short term berthing solutions offered by the marinas is called visitor berthing services.

Factors To Consider

It is highly common among people to choose visitor berthing services randomly because of the short duration of the stay. But after sailing for the entire day if you cannot get the required refreshments and a clean washroom where you can enjoy a warm shower then you will not feel energised the next day. So even if you are going to stay for a single night you must consider factors like canal boat mooring fees, refreshments, facilities, maintenance, staff, Wi-Fi, and also the location of the berths.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Things To Know Before Mooring A Boat In The Best Marina Of The Country!

If you have bought a boat recently, then you need to invest in high-quality mooring services. If you search the internet you will find plenty of marinas that offer mooring spaces to boats of all sizes and brands. But there are lots of differences between the facilities that are offered in case of permanent and visitor berthing. While some marinas offer water, Wi-Fi as well as metered electric points to all their visitors some may keep these facilities only for their permanent berth holders. 

Consulting With The Authorities 

It is best if you consult with the authorities before acquiring a berth in any of the marinas. Not just this sometimes there are special charges that are applicable to multi-hulls but only the respective authorities will be able to offer you all these crucial details before you book a berth. If you are looking for marinas for the first time then you should also know that along with the permanent and visitor berthing you will also get the option for seasonal mooring services. 

Maximizing Your Benefits 

The seasonal packages are mainly for those people who are looking for storage options for the winter. These services are mainly offered for a few months and are much cheaper than the other mooring options. In most cases, such packages for mooring a boat are offered between the month of November and February. So if you are not sailing during the colder months then you need to moor the vessel within November. This way you will be able to get the maximum benefits from the packages.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Few Things To Know About The Boat Mooring Costs

There are so many ways in which you can store your boat without spending much. You can keep it on the riverbanks, canals, a jetty, or in the water with the help of a buoy. But in all these places there is a high chance that someone will vandalise or steal it. Not only this, there are various environmental factors that can affect the structural integrity and the appearance of your boat if it is left in the water without any professional surveillance. This is the reason why you need to avail the narrowboat moorings services offered by the marinas that are present in the country. 

About The Costs 

If you are wondering about the boat mooring costs then you must know that there are various such companies available in the country. So you need to compare the charges before finalising a berth for your vessel. Another thing that you need to know before paying for the berth is that along with the mooring facilities you will also get electricity, water and even free Wi-Fi during you stay. 

Now The Services 

Even though most of the marinas do not charge for water they may charge you for the electricity, snacks and fuel. So it is always advised that you enquire about these aspects before making the payments. But the rates may vary along with the different berthing facilities. Mostly the permanent berth holders, as well as visitors, are charged according to the units used by the boat owner. So now that you know all about the mooring services that are provided by the various marinas you need to contact one of them before buying a boat.