Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Finding a Mooring Space in and Around UK

When you are planning to take your boat and explore the various canals of UK, you should definitely seek out a nice mooring spot for your boat that can allow you to keep your boat while you are not sailing. Apart from helping you to keep your boat during idle times, the mooring space also helps you to take good care of your boat and revitalize it so that you can use it effectively once more. There are plenty of companies in different parts of UK that offer boat moorings for customers. By getting in touch with them, you can certainly have the right kind of mooring spot for your boat,

Mooring companies in UK are always prepared to offer custom mooring packages to customers that can help them to moor their boat properly while it is not in use. So for instance if you are looking to travel to the Liverpool docks and you want a nice mooring hub in the local canal marina, you can certainly do so by consulting a reputable mooring services provider in the Liverpool area. These companies regularly work with customers in all parts of UK to provide them with the type of mooring space that they are looking for.

Once you have decided that you are going to travel through the canals of UK, you should immediately consult a mooring space provider for mooring your boat. It is always a good idea consult these companies as soon as possible so as to avoid last minute rush.   

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Moor Your Boat at Liverpool Marina

One of the most popular marinas in the North West coast of the UK is the Liverpool Docks. It is one of the best and most peaceful berthing locations with top-notch facilities for your boat.Here is why Liverpool is such a popular marina for boats.

Best Features of the Marina

More than 20 years old, the Liverpool marina is known for its Yacht club, yearlong cruising and racing programs and the canoe club where wakeboarding can be enjoyed. The marina has an active training center for sailing. The complex of the marina hosts the Yacht Bar and Restaurants for the members or anyone who is a sailing enthusiast. You can also find various leisure activities such as art classes in the complex.The additional feature of the marina is the beautiful locations surrounding the docks and the serene atmosphere.You can find a perfect place for your boat as well as for yourself.

Benefits of Choosing a Marina at Liverpool

The marina is available on a part-time or long-term basis. The marina has more than 50 berths for boats with excellent facilities. You can choose the location with all the facilities needed by you.The dock has facilities for fuel and electricity top-ups. The docks provide offshore facilities such as laundry, Wi-Fi, free parking and a bar and restaurant the members. At Liverpool, you can choose your berth. You can specify your requirements to the administration and you will be provided with the best berth for your boat.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Living On A Boat: Is That An Option?

It is true that many people are trying to consider the option of actually living in a canal boat and ditching the regular housing system. Why do you ask? Well, there can be many reasons. Buyers loaded with cash are trying for getting a canal boat and the perfect narrowboat moorings for mooring the boat and living there on a permanent basis. But then, living there might have some drawbacks as well as some hidden expenses as well.

Life On A Canal Boat

While most people are trying for the regular canal boats, there are many who want to go up the ladder of housing and want rafts as homes. The standard price of a narrowboat of 50ft would be £20,000 to be exact. This can be a contrast when it comes to buying houses that have the price of £200,000 which is basically a lot more. However, it is not possible to take a particular home loan in case of a canal boat as you do not have a fixed land plot to live in. Buyers need to pay cash or have to get an unsecured and unsafe loan which is personal. The interest rates can be very high which can be a difficulty of some people with a restrained budget. 

While you get to roam freely on your boat if you are living in it, the mooring fees associated with the narrowboat moorings can be an additional dent in the pocket. 

There are other fees associated such as the utility bills and other taxes which can make the expense of owning and living on a canal boat difficult. However, most people still continue to live on a canal boat as it offers more benefits than drawbacks. 

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Get a Nice Mooring Space to Care for Your Boat

Whether you are a frequent sailor or someone who prefers to explore the wide waters occasionally, it is necessary that you have a proper mooring place for your boat. Most people who loves boating tend to indulge in it only once in every while and prefer to moor their boats when they are not using them. Mooring is also necessary when you are looking to spend a lot of quality time in your boat and entertain your friends and family members. Due to this reason, you must look for a nice docking and mooring area for your boat that can provide you with the peace of mind that you seek. 

In order to moor a boat properly and make sure that you have access to all the additional features and facilities that come with it, you should ideally find a good mooring place for your boat even before you actually buy the boat itself. This will provide you with sufficient mooring space for your boat once you get it. The physical area that you use to keep your boat must be adequate enough so that it can properly accommodate it, no matter what is its size. 

If you are worried about the mooring fees, then you would be glad to know that there are many mooring service providers nowadays that can offer you great mooring spaces at the most affordable rates. While the service packages and additional facilities may vary, you can surely get a nice place to moor your boat.     

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Safety of your Boat at a Dock

A boat spends an appreciable amount of at the docks as it spends on the sea. Its safety at the docks is as important as it is out there, at the sea. Choosing the right dock and docking and mooring your boat properly is extremely important for the safety of the boat. If you are not a frequent sailor, your boat may sit at its place in the docks for days together. Keeping it right where you left it requires skills for docking and mooring the right way.

The Right way to do it

Docking and mooring your boat at the marina requires perfect skills. The first part is to moor a boat properly with an anchor. An anchor is that part of the boat that keeps the boat from floating away. It is a heavy block of metal or concrete attached to a chain or a rope that is tied to the boat. This is the second part. The chain or rope is called as the rode. The third part or mooring is a floating device connected to the rode to make it accessible to the sailor.

Once the mooring is perfected, the next step is docking. As the winds will make the boat move, docking with an element such as nylon will help to avoid the bumps and shocks the boat will suffer. Nylon is a preferred choice as it does not wear out due to corrosion. Learning the right way to moor and dock a boat properly is a handy skill at crowded docks.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Find the Perfect Mooring for Your Boat

It often becomes confusing for a newbie boat mooring guy to find a suitable mooring for his boat. Well, worry not because we are here to provide you with some important information about finding various options for canal boat mooring. If you are not looking for a residential mooring then there are certainly some great places where you can tie up your boat pretty easily. You could always use a marina or some kind of boating club that has such services.

The moorings that are present in the marina actually charge a certain fee and that fee is usually dependent on the length and the type of the boat and there are many benefits of mooring the boat in a marina. You get to enjoy all the amazing services here plus your boat is tied up safely in here. And if you are all thirsty after such hassles, you could grab some drinks in the pubs that are generally close to the marinas.

As an alternate path you can also choose to moor the boat on a towpath of a canal. But there is a time limit up to which you can keep your boat there. You would eventually have to move the boat after every 14 days as that’s generally the towpath limit.

For someone who is looking for residential mooring, the options are not really that much when compared to the non-residential ones. Most of the boatyards and marinas don’t even have such options for residential moorings. For this service, you need to opt for long-term moorings so that you can sail without any discomfort.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Know a Bit More About Marina

Well, the marina itself needs no introduction. This is pretty common for people and they have probably seen it in their lifetime. But, there are people who most of the time confuses it with the port. And, there is a basic difference between this two.

While the both may be functionally alike, but in the case of a port, the ships are much larger, which is not the case for a marina. When it is about the marina, it is usually capable of small sized boats or yachts. In short, the marina can be a part of a port.

So, if you are fascinated enough after reading this and want to see it, all you need to do is research a bit about marinas or you can make a visit to coastal harbors or lagoons and you can rightfully see it there with so many small ships and boats packed, giving you a beautiful look.

So, the marina can be a solution to your entire problem. How? Well, in a marina you get the chance of doing any form of repair works that your boat may need. Or even if it is about refueling, the marina is the right place. Also, you can wash your ships or boats very well there.

Now, this is not just what you might be thinking about a marina and it is far beyond than that. In a marina, you can just pay your fee and use the space for rent. Also, you can use it as a picnic spot and many other facilities if you have opted for a rental agreement for a long term.