Saturday, 29 March 2014

How Marinas Become Party Destinations

Marinas are not merely dockyards anymore as more and more boat owners are gradually shifting to making boats as their private leisure vehicles. Giving life to this concept is the party circuit that has set eyes on yachts and private boats. The North West Marinas are witness to such events happening regularly.

Complete with swanky DJs and superb sound systems, partying at marinas are becoming very popular for the young crowd that wants to enjoy both the sun and water without getting wet. A lot of arrangements are made to cater to the crowd such as food and drinks.

If you think that parties are all about dance at marinas, you need to read ahead. Even events are arranged at these places to offer a unique experience to the guests. Events such as those related to food are also held here that offer exquisite food items that are special to the marina.

Wine tasting fests are also one of the interesting events held at marinas and it draws a lot of crowds. Thinking of tasting wines while on the sea is one very unique concept of enjoying the drink amid airy winds and amazing music and food. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is.