Thursday, 13 February 2014

Marina & Mooring – All about Anchoring On Docks or Basins

Marina and mooring are two words that are associated with one place and that is a dock or a basin. Here is an overview about these two –

Mooring – Mooring is a structure which is permanent in nature and is used for securing vessels and yachts.  To forestall free movement of the ship, a mooring is used to secure it. There are a variety of moorings and are used for the purpose of temporary anchoring because with the help of moorings the damage to the marine environment is avoided plus these mooring’s holding power is considerably more and last but not the least these moorings are convenient. The types of moorings include fore and aft moorings, swing moorings and pile moorings. The types of materials that are used into moorings on a regular basis are steel wires, polyethylene, polypropylene, chain, nylon, hemp, sisal and when it is about high performance mooring lines then the materials generally used include Aramid and HMPE.

Marina – Marina is a basin or a dock with supplies and moorings for small boats as well as yachts. Marina is not a synonym of port because marina is never into handling large passenger vessels or cargo. The usual location of a marina is on the banks of rivers which in turn connect to seas or lakes. They also find their application on coastal lagoons, coastal harbours, etc. The facilities that are available at the marina include washing and repair facility, marine as well as boat restaurants, stores and chandlers plus boat trailer and vehicle parking facilities also.  

Thus, Marina and Moorings are associated with one common word that is a dock or a basin.

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